11 business ideas to start and increase your income

Many of us face some financial problems and everyone wants the luxury lifestyle and the good this is that we can achieve whatever we want. for this, we need to improve our skills and have to gain some market knowledge before we start any new business. Ones you study the market, you won it


So, let’s move to some best startup that will help you to fulfill your needs.

Online teaching platform

The idea:   In the United States, there is almost no online course for students or to teach cooking, video editing or fly fishing. So, the Skillshare platform is a hit on this niche with courses that draw up to 50,000 students. Each “teacher” bills his course freely and the platform takes a percentage. There is no francophone equivalent.

Operation: The creation of an online platform is facilitated by the ability to use elastic resources according to the demand of cloud computing. We must identify the target audience and have a clear editorial line. And take special care of the videos and do not hesitate to use “star” teachers.

Investment: Medium

Risks: Means


Online tattoo shop

The idea: Believe it or not but this is the most profitable business these days because everyone wants to have a new beautiful tattoo. Some of them want a custom new tattoo that no one ever had before and that is the idea

How it works: you can make your online e-commerce website to sell tattoo related products like ink, custom designs etc.

Starting Investment: Low

Risks: Low


Coordinate all loyalty cards 

The idea: Every day, we are faced with the fact of not having the right card of fidelity on oneself at the time of going to the cash register. Therefore, your application combines them in your smartphone to prevent the wallet from exploding

How it works: Create a mobile application and solicit all the brands that offer loyalty cards so that they adhere to your project.Oppo mobile price increased when they offered such application in Oppo. Monetize your application by billing subscribers for subscriptions and possibly offering other services such as the ability to advertise the app, geolocate their points of sale, or allow customers to view private sales or other offers Special.

Starting Investment: Medium

Risks: Low


Centralize all payments

The idea: A single card or mobile application to scan that automatically debits. This makes it possible to pay for parking, public transport or shops without having to take tickets, risk losing them, etc. No need for money, paper and it does not matter if it is stolen. Cards are easily recharged in many places.

The operation: Very complicated because it would have to have agreements with all suppliers, whether parking lots, shops, public transport, but the potential and interest are great.

Starting Investment: High

Risks: High


Order a taxi quickly 

The idea: Create a mobile app to order a taxi quickly and simply. The taxi finds you with the geolocation, in the image of what already makes the Canadian TAG Taxi (tag-taxi.com).

Operation: Sell ​​this application and allow users to evaluate the taxi (courtesy, cleanliness, driving) as well as to specify their needs (child seats, number of passengers, luggage, etc.).

Starting Investment: Medium

Risks: Low


Prize Bond

The idea: If you are really interested in this then just buy a few prize bonds and keep them. I have seen many people who earned a lot with just a prize bond.

Operation: when you buy and keep your bond wait for Prize bond and search regularly to check and try to match your number. When you find it, you got the game and won it.

Starting Investment: Medium

Risks: Low


To keep your pet during the holidays

The idea: To offer an alternative to pensions and kennels thanks to an application that makes it easy and quick to find a host family for pets when the owner moves.

Operation: Create a site that allows homeowners to find a petsitter close to home. They can consult the information sheets of each caretaker, his photos as well as the opinions of former customers who have already used him.

Starting Investment: Low

Risks: Low


Wine cellars shared between individuals

The idea: The best bottles are often found in private cellars. From then on, your platform looks like a largely shared cellar of individuals within which exchanges, transactions, and friendships are facilitated.

Operation: Each visitor can make partially or fully visible his cellar and put bottles for sale or auction. Each buyer can also be a seller.

Starting Investment: Low

Risks: Low


Solidarity loans

The idea: Offer a platform of loans between individuals that prevents applicants from going through banks or begging for financial assistance to those around him.

How it works: Applicants present their project, fix the amount of the loan, the collection period and the repayment period. The platform manages all stages of the repayment. This concept already exists in other countries but is not very developed in the United Kingdom.

Starting Investment: Low

Risks: Low


Tips on new banking standards

The idea: Since the new regulatory standards have changed considerably in the last four years, the idea is to offer a consulting service on the new provisions, notably those required by the Fatca agreement, the US tax authorities, or the law.

Functioning: You are totally independent and you inform the managers about the new regulatory standards. A young start-up has just opened in the United States

Starting Investment: Low

Risks: Low


Bank 2.0

The idea: All banks have an online offer. However, the benefit to the customer remains low. In the United States, the Simple Bank has invented a model that gives customers some of the productivity gains that come with switching to online banking. For example, no interest on an overdraft up to the amount of savings deposited by the customer. It went from zero to more than $ 1 billion in transactions in one year.

Operation: Simple is a fully online bank that has cut costs to the extreme by building its information technology model. In the United States as in the United Kingdom, the regulation constitutes a barrier of entry but it is partially compensated by the masses of capital which are currently seeking to invest in financial or technologies.

Investment: High

Risks: High

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I hope that you like our list but don’t forget to mention in the comment section that which business to are going to start and what is your knowledge about the industry.

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