5 best iOS 11 features to empower your next app!

A redesigned Apple App Store, direct peer-to-peer transactions with Apple Pay and significant improvement to Augmented Reality for a huge user base is the new game with iOS update releases. Although the features are for the actual consumers out there, developers aren’t left out of the treat through a much awaited drag-and-drop, ARKit and enhanced frameworks.

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iOS11 came out last year but it doesn’t seem to grow old with latest patches and upgrades. If your business is iPhone application development in Dubai, here’s what you need to stay competitive in the market and power up your next app!

  1. SiriKit

Apple’s official virtual assistant, Siri now empower the dedicated apps to offer amazing features through its voice control. This is quite handy in banking apps as a typical user can conveniently request Siri to transfer cash, check balances and even pay utility bills that you just forgot to! Here’s more, Siri can even extract lists for shopping, grocery items through its retail app.

Its obvious voice is now an essential interface offering huge benefits. The very idea of having a personal assistant, be it virtual is far more appealing and gaining momentum. This is why a supporting SiriKit should be prioritised for developers as integration demands are soaring.

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  1. Vision frameworks & machine learning

The coming of machine learning in the new line of iPhones have made it easier for developers to collaborate with the emerging technology. In iOS 11, there’ve been various new additions to the Core ML which is a toolkit which makes integration of machine learning all the more convenient in the app models as well as the vision framework. The vision framework uses a range of barcode, face, landmark detection and text for image registration and object tracking.

  1. ARKit

The coming of native Augmented Reality (AR) framework to apps is possible with ARKit; a developer’s toolkit. It allow apps to use computer vision for recognition of the objects as well as virtual objects can be integrated to the context-aware display. ARKit is considered the world’s largest platform for Augmented Reality (AR).

  1. Product page for app store

The redesigned App Store is perhaps the biggest and best new feature of the iOS 11 especially the product page allowing developers and marketers a fresh new way for promoting the apps usability and features. The opportunity to put the most valued keyword against the app name gets far more restricted which makes it important picking up the primary target keyword for the app name. It should directly correspond to the purpose of the app and in case this isn’t so, the App Store is likely to reject the app hence double trouble for developers.

  1. Phased releases

Another exciting addition for the App Store updates was the “phased releases” that’s quite beneficial for iPhone application development in Dubai and all across the globe in numerous ways. The most significant is its ability from testing point of view if you wish to predict how a new feature can be viewed by end users after it hits the shelf.


Power up the iOS experience by incorporating one of the many new features and some more!

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