5 Hot European Beach Destinations in Summer 2018

Canary Islands

Summer is fast approaching in most parts of the world and vacationers are itching to get their feet wet in sandy, crystal clear beach waters. Europe has some of the most charming and beautiful beaches on our planet. For summer 2018, we’ve rounded up some of the top best beach destinations in the continent so you can get started in packing up your swimming suits, sunblock, and loading up your energy for this exciting vacation.

Gran Canaria, Spain

Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands is packed with everything one needs for a beach getaway. It has a slew of beautiful accommodations, from world-class hotels to budget-friendly B&B. But probably what makes Gran Canaria a compelling summer destination is its unique weather – it feels summer the whole year long! As a bonus to the already enticing shorelines, pristine blue waters and scenic views are Gran Canaria’s unique experiences of sailing, dolphin watching, and windsurfing among others.

Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria

Located just north of the Turkish border, there lies a magnificent stretch of golden sand along the Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria. It features adorable old towns, nature reserves, small villages and secluded beaches that are just perfect for a quiet summer vacation. Even better, the beaches by the Black Sea Coast are cheaper in comparison to other Europe summer destinations, so it’s an excellent option for those who want to have the time of their lives in a budget.

Canary Islands

Corsica, Mediterranean

If you want to combine the best of both worlds – Italian and French holidays – Corsica is your best bet. What’s so great about Corsica is that it has remained true to its roots and retained most of its old place charm. It has terrific cobblestone old towns and the remarkable pink houses. But the main attractions are the beautiful beaches north of Corsica, Saleccia, Palombaggia, and Portiglolio which are all remote and serene, perfect for a quiet and laid-back vacation.

Paxos, Greece

Paxos in Greece offers a splendid beach life perfect for all sorts of vacationers. Harami and Kanoni, for instance, are known for shallower beach waters, making them the ideal destination for families with younger kids in tow. Orkos and Lakos both feature crystal clear waters set against the backdrop of a blue sky, and both are easily accessible by foot and car too. If you want to enjoy some nightlife and interact with the locals and fellow tourists, Monodendri has some local bars and taverns you can visit.


Hvar, Croatia

Summers in Croatia is always mild and pleasant. From the sprawling beaches and various activities to indulge in (wine tours for instance,) Hvar has become a crowd favorite among numerous travelers. The beaches in Hvar are remarkable in their own right. Dubovica, one of the most well-known beaches, is set against a scenic backdrop with the iconic stone house standing tall and proud in the sea. Beach and sun-shippers will also love Pakleni, Kordovon, and Lucisca for their natural beach havens.


Summer in Europe is always a great experience. If you’re planning to take an out-of-the-ordinary vacation where you get a lot of sun and sea than you can imagine, these destinations are sure to satiate those cravings!

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