5 Musical Instruments you can learn to Release your Stress


Every person feels bored and stressful after working for a full day. And he/she looks for many ways to relieve stress on a daily basis. There are many recreational things a person can do to feel good and enjoy his day. Some people try reading, exercise, watching TV, and spending time with their family as a means to calm their mind. However, no method is as effective as playing a musical instrument to get rid of stress.

As we know that stress affects both our physical as well as mental health, so it becomes important to find a solution to this problem of anxiety. Playing a musical instrument not only helps in maintaining blood pressure and heart rate, but it also reduces depression and anxiety. There are many music therapies which can help a person to feel comfortable during his free time. Here is the list of top 5 music instruments to relieve stress effectively.



Playing the Piano requires a lot of concentration, and it engages all parts of the brain. The left part of our brain is specifically used in learning piano as it demands the logical as well as analytical thinking while doing so. Most of the corporates have benefitted by making it a part of their daily routine and noticed an improvement in the quality of life.

This full engagement helps the person to avoid thinking about his boring routine and the creativity of our brain increases. It makes the brain to enters a recreational mode and enhances our critical thinking. Learning piano also maintains the level of cortisol hormone and ultimately reduces hypertension as well as anxiety.

To try your hand at Piano, you can check here on MyPianoNotes.com. Here you will find keyboard notes of some of the top songs all over the world. They are beginner to intermediate friendly, hence anybody can play these numbers if practiced hard. So get in the motion and start improving your health, meanwhile enjoying a great instrument.



Many of the people desire to learn guitar to become a band member, or impress someone. But there are many other health benefits of making Guitar Playing a part of our life. It not only enhances our coordination and creativity but also helps in reducing chronic stress.Check here on ultimate-guitar.com to learn playing all the top songs on Guitar.

While we play guitar, it releases endorphins in our brain. This hormone makes us feel happy and also calms our mind as well as body. It improves the overall development of person both at an emotional and mental level. Apart from improving our health, it makes a person feel a sense of achievement in his life.



Drumming has many health benefits and can improve your health to a great extent. According to a study, it helps to reduce stress and also boosts our immune system. For people who practice drums, the stress hormones in their blood samples drastically reduce.

Apart from these, it also cures one from chronic pain, as it releases endorphins and endogenous opiates which play a critical role in distracting our brain from the feeling of pain. Playing the drums increase T-cells, which protect our body from cancer, and other viruses. Also, drumming can cure fatigue and asthma.



The flute has been used by people since a long time ago, and its soothing sound provides a feeling of happiness to our body. The sounds of Flute can make a person feel happy and act as an important means to de-stress oneself. Now in today’s time, many digital gadgets have been used in producing the similar sounds of a flute. But these gadgets can never provide the same benefits as that of an original flute to them.

Also, the breathing capacity of a person increases while playing the flute and it ultimately leads to improving the respiratory system. While playing it, a person makes effective breathing, and this practice is similar to doing pranayama. Hence, it has a positive effect on our respiratory system.

If you want to try out this amazing musical instrument, you can check here on Yamaha.com.



Like other music instruments, Violin too has many health benefits. It impacts positively on our physical as well as mental health. Playing a Violin leads to better posture, upper body strength, and it also improves motor skills.

Also, Violin has many benefits for our mental health. It helps in the betterment of our coordination and releases stress to a large extent. The other benefits of playing a Violin are improved memory and sensory movement, and it also prevents psychological disorders in children.

So, these were the five musical instruments which can help you in improving your mental, emotional and physical health. Also, it leads to the overall development of our personality which is need of the hour in today’s time. Every person should try to make any musical instrument a part of his life.


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