5 Smart Fire Prevention Devices to Invest In

Home safety is not an issue that you should take lightly. Every house has hazards and they can cause some serious damage. House fires are common hazards and you must invest in fire safety.

Make sure that you get a fire alarm test certificate and ensure fire safety. There are several smart devices that can detect a fire and minimize the damage. Here are a few smart devices that offer fire safety and are worth investing.

Smart Fire Detectors:

If you are getting bothered by false fire alarms then it is time to invest in something better. A heat detector is a great choice and there are two types of heat detectors available in the market. You can choose between rate-of-rose detectors and simple fixed temperature detectors. They have different names but almost similar functionality

You can find heat detectors that come with both capabilities. But it is important to remember that they are not the best choice to replace smoke detectors in bedrooms. In a bedroom you will need a fire life safety device because it’s a safer option. Most of these systems are connected so if one alarm goes off, then others go off automatically.

Smart Smoke Detectors:

The smart smoke detectors have better features as compared to the normal detectors. The smart detectors can send notifications to the smartphone and alert you of danger. You can wire the smart detectors with the home safety system and monitor it by a central station. You can also integrate a camera with the system and record footage. It will help you a lot as you will have evidence to determine the origin of a fire. The footage is valuable as it will help in settling insurance claim as well.

Smart Batteries:

Investing in a smart battery will save you the trouble of investing in new devices. A smart battery has the capacity to power the detectors and improve their efficiency. It will also offer alarm notification on the smartphone. The batteries can help to monitor more than one detector and notify when it’s time to change them.

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Smart Plugs or Outlets:

The plugs and outlets are an important part of the house. They help in connecting the electric appliances to the source and make them functional. So, if the plugs and outlets are not in best condition, they can become a hazard. Faulty plugs and overload outlets are a major cause of house fires. The smart plugs or outlets can offer safety against fire hazards. It will save you worrying whether you forgot to unplug the hair dryer or coffee maker.

You can connect the smart plugs to your smartphone. It allows you to switch off the lights and small appliances and they offer convenience and safety. The app allows you to switch off the appliances even from a remote location.

Stovetop Fire Prevention:

Cooking fires are the most common source of house fires. It is important that you take the precautionary measures in the kitchen as it is a high-risk area. There are certain devices that use motion sensing technology and shut off the stove when you are not in the kitchen.


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