6 Best Strategies to Improve Your Online Reputation Management Process

Customers trust reviews and feedback they see online coming from your genuine buyers. Most people do a quick review and research online before buying a product of their choice. In short, what customers feel and say about your brand has a direct impact on your brand reputation. Hence, it is very important to take adequate steps to support and maintain a positive reputation online.

Online Reputation Management

Listed below are some effective strategies you can apply to improve your online reputation management efforts:

  1. Cultivate and Maintain a Customer-Centric Atmosphere

Is there a substitute for great customer service? No. Prior to inviting customers to review your business, you must create an environment that promotes quality customer service. Also motivate your employees to make all efforts to please customers. This customer-centric attitude will let you make the most of your reputation promotion.

  1. Easier Review Writing Process

It is not easy to get people to write reviews for you. Most people find this process a bit too tedious. Sometimes they do not remember to write one. The idea is to make this process as easy for them as possible. One of the best ways is to use review funnel. Experts in the field of marketing refer this concept as a system specifically devised to reduce complications of writing reviews. This process involves petitioning feedback from patrons post a transaction. Give a reminder after the transaction. Also assure that the feedback will help you improve your services in future.

  1. Opinions are Important

With social monitoring tools, it has become easier to know what wish to say about a product. Make sure you keep tabs on these online conversations related to your brand or product. Some of the tools that help you with this monitoring process include Social Inbox, Netvibes, Klout, etc. These opinions will also give you some ideas for your new products, launches etc.

  1. Never Fail to Respond

Do not ignore comments – negative or positive. Most customers like to spread messages about a specific brand because they had a positive experience. So if they do this, you will get extra benefits. So make sure you encourage this practice. Many customers are also driven to share views related to a bad experience they had. In case, you find these comments, do not ignore. Ignoring negative comments is one of the best ways to damage your reputation. A statistic has revealed that businesses that ignore comments on social channels are more likely to lose up to 15 per cent of their existing customers. Ignoring these engagements can be as damaging as ignoring emails and phone calls. Thanking your customers for positive comments and apologizing for negative ones if you are wrong will leave a good impression on your potential customer’s mind.

  1. Involve Brand Promoters

Let your brand supporters (users who are proud to be associated to your brand) rate and write reviews to your company. These individuals will promote your brand by writing positive reviews. Social monitoring tools are very helpful in sectoring your followers. For instance you can separate new users from brand advocates on Social Inbox of HubSpot. This way, you can communicate suitably with each user group sans any hassles. After categorizing brand advocates, you can target the marketing and establish lasting associations with them. Also reserve your best offers for these advocates.

  1. Customer-to-Customer Promotion

When your customers do the talking for you; the brand value increases. Microsoft, the world famous American multinational company enjoys a social and technical community of more than 100 million users. Around three thousands of these users are Most Valuable Professionals or MVPs who play a crucial role within the community marketing. This is because they answer questions of customer through the online community supported by Microsoft. It is true that every company does not enjoy the brand acknowledgement of Microsoft, but one can try and engage the most dedicated users via making them believe you appreciate the commitment. When you do this, they will spread good things about your brand and products.

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