Apple Music vs Amazon Music – Pros and Cons

Music is something that everybody needs no matter what age group they belong to. And this has been the norm ever since movie songs came into play. Earlier, there was a trend of downloading the song to your playlist and then play it according to your convenience. For more than 3 decades, each song was preferred to be downloaded. But now the trend has changed.

Nowadays, with the internet becoming cheaper day by day, people have started preferring online music. Very few people today download the songs to their mobiles. Majority of people prefers to browse & listen to their favorite songs on their phone more conveniently. Keeping this in mind, many companies have developed their own applications say, music streaming apps. These apps generally have millions of songs on their server. So according to their mood, people can choose any song they want to listen and play it online. Very few bits of data are used to play the online music. Hence Music Streaming has become a social trend.

There are many apps which made streaming music such an easy task. Some of the famous apps are Saavn, Wynk, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, SoundCloud and many more. In all these apps, you can create your own playlist. And can even create more than 1 playlists. Out of all, here we are going to discuss 2 mega players in Music Streaming Industry, Apple Music & Amazon Music.

Apple Music vs Amazon Music

Apple Music

Apple Music was developed by Apple Inc in the year 2015. This platform lets the user select their own choice of song to stream. They can also listen to the playlist created by the existing music experts. Initially, they started with an audio music service. But later in the year 2016, it began expanding into videos too. Users get a free subscription for 3 months as a trial. This app is used worldwide for all kinds of devices. In just 6 months of its launch, there were 10 millions of its subscribers.


  • Along with audio music, videos are also available.
  • It’s also applicable to Windows or Android device.
  • Users praise its playlist curation.
  • You can create your own playlist too.
  • You can create your profile & share songs with your friends.
  • It has a database of over 30 million songs.


  • In the versions of iOS before iOS 10, people are facing many bugs regarding the user interface.
  • For some users, iCloud doesn’t work properly which causes the song duplication, missing tracks & synchronization problems.
  • Sometimes, user’s local music list is deleted randomly.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music was started in 2007 by Amazon.com. This music streaming app was initially named as Amazon MP3. In the year 2008, it became the first online music store to sell music without DRM (Digital Music Rights). Initially, this app was launched in very few countries. Later, it was launched internationally. Amazon Music can be used on every platform like iOS, Windows or Android.


  • Amazon Music Player allows users to store and play their music from anywhere on the Internet.
  • It can store 250 tracks for free, and purchased songs have no such storage limit.


  • For a long time, it was only available for prime members of Amazon.
  • It has a limited collection of songs as compared to other apps.
  • You cannot share songs with your friends.


Overall, as per the reviews and assessing pros and cons, Apple Music appears to be a better Music Streaming application as compared to Amazon Music. But if you are looking for downloading songs, then Amazon Music is your answer. Here, you can store upto 250 songs for free. And it also allows you to download from anywhere on the net. But nevertheless, try both the apps and get 1st hand experience yourself. If you are confused which songs to listen first, click here to check out Arijit Singh’s collection of songs. Every person loves some or the other song of Arijit. Here you will find all sorts of songs sung by the popular singer

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