Best 6 Android Apps For Google Glass

Though the cool Google Glass is still not widely and openly available, developers are working hard to hit the applications market for it. Unlike a tablet, the Android apps on Google Glass will have to be super quick and precise because the data is displayed directly in front of your eyes. It is not feasible to keep showing various advertisements while user is trying to locate the correct directions when lost in new city. Users only need certain news feed daily, while the tablet is popped with 100s of news which are ultimately ignored.

Best 6 Android Apps For Google Glass

Google Glass

Most of the apps are still in concept basis, but will be ready to roll once Google Glass is available in retail stores. Companies and individual developers are burning midnight oil to launch their own kind of application first in the market. This will allow them to gain public acknowledgment quickly and gain monetary benefits. Just like the regular apps Gmail, Hangouts, Google+, and Calendar, there will be various other innovative apps to attract the users to buy this $1500 product. Let’s discuss 6 such cool apps specifically for Google Glass:

New York Times

This was one of the first third-party apps for Glass, even before Facebook and Twitter. It will give you hourly news with any breaking news if happening. The card will pop up and you can select your preference of news like sports or politics. You can select any news and Google Glass will read it aloud for you.


You can tweet photos taken by Glass camera. Once you download the app and allow the Sharing feature, it will allow you to simply tap on the photo and share it with #throughglass hashtag. It still needs to be worked upon to allow texts to be tweet. It is just like twitter app but people like to download unique apps for any device they own. For alone this reason GlassTweet might gain popularity.


This is like a virtual newspaper which will read the most trending news on social networking sites. You can give a list of topics about which you would like to reads news. Glass can read the news aloud to you and then you can share the news with friends on networking sites or directly mail them. While reading the news Glass may switch to sleep mode so need to tapped once in a while.


This is one of the most controversial app which will be launched. It allows snapping up a picture with just a wink at any moment of time. Whether your Glass is in sleep mode, just a small wink will click the picture store it. This app will allow you to configure the wink and thus you can specify the exaggeration of the wink before it click the pic. This app may actually intrude upon anyone’s privacy and thus gain lot of legal cases. Let’s see its future once it is available.

Apps for Disables

There would be apps available for blind and deaf people. Blind people will hear what they are looking at thus becoming more aware of their surroundings. Similarly deaf people will be able to read when people are conversing with him. This will allow disables to get more social with normal people. Such apps will highly be appreciated wit disabled society and would gain more buyers.

Time Travel

This app is based on time travel in real time and explores on augmented reality. It will allow users to overlay a historical image over the current view of a site and thus users can visualise how site looked 100 years back. Another app called Time Travel will do the same with crowd-sourced images.

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