Deepak Goradia – the Man Behind the Success of Dosti Realty

Have you ever bumped into a stranger and found a friend for life in him or her? Someone who cares for you, understands your lifestyle, and works relentlessly towards ensuring a comfortable life for you?

Well – such instances are rare but not untrue. Take the example of Dosti Realty founded by Shri Deepak Goradia – a true friend in your real estate journey.

Yes, Dosti Realty is not just a real estate company. The owner of Dosti Realty does not believe in constructing houses but is dedicated to building homes for his friends, that is, the customers of Dosti Realty.

Just as its name suggests, the company has established itself as a friend to its customers rather than being a stereotypical construction firm. The MD of Dosti Realty, Shri Deepak Goradia, is also the Vice President of Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry (MCHI), promoting the future of real estate in the State. He has been instrumental in organising several exhibitions, seminars, and other events involving the youth to help young home buyers understand the real estate market better so that they can traverse it with confidence.

Founded in 1984, the friendly realtor is known to design residences in Mumbai that are family-friendly and aesthetically built to capture the spirit of the city of dreams. Currently, the company has several premium residential projects in various locations across Mumbai.

Having spent almost three decades in the real estate sector, the company has provided homes to over 33,000 people across 106 projects. In addition to residential properties, they have also created retail hubs, IT parks, clubs, and other amenities to support their residences.

Laying The Perfect Foundation For Every Home

Homes are not built only from bricks and mortar. To create the perfect home, you need supporting infrastructure, quality fittings, aesthetic interiors, and timely completion of every stage to maintain the trust and confidence of the homebuyers. Dosti Realty offers premium real estate options across Maharashtra, promising utmost quality and timely delivery to its clients. Just like a true friend, the company takes care to build functional houses that match the lifestyle of the inhabitants ensuring a high quality of construction and a quality life.

With several developers aiming to establish their niche in the market, the real estate sector has become one of the most booming sectors in India. In this article, we tell you about one of the most promising realty developers of the nation, Dosti Realty and how Deepak Goradia, the owner of Dosti Realty along with his team, has been able to carve out a name for himself in a very short time.

Operations of Dosti Realty

Till date, Dosti Realty has managed to build and deliver more than 117 properties in India. Projects such as Dosti Foundation School, Dosti Pinnacle, and Dosti Flamingos are architectural marvels in their own right and are loaded with the most contemporary amenities. With the company primarily operating in Mumbai, it has now expanded its operations to cities like Pune and Ahmedabad too.

Deepak Goradia–MD of Dosti Realty

Mr Deepak Goradia, the present MD of Dosti Realty has taken the company to new heights of success. Driven by the idea of customised construction and customer satisfaction, Mr Goradia’s knack for architecture and design shows in his projects.

Certainly, Dosti Realty has been true to its name and principles. With an impeccable record of delivering timely possessions, it is the embodiment of the trust and conviction that several of its customers have placed in it.


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