Different types of bean bag fillings

Bean bags are something that most people use instead of the standard chairs. The reason is that they look very comfy and can be quickly moved from place to place.  They are very comfortable and exciting with its different colors. These bean bag chairs have different bean bag fillings in the market. You can get an idea about those bean bag filings that you could to fill your chair through the article here.  The most commonly available bean bag chair fillings available in the market includes the EPS, Polyethylene plastic pellets, and Compressed Memory Foam. Your product quality will depend on the bean bag filling that you use. Choose the best product for you from the list that is given below.

About EPS Beads

You could use EPS beads for your bean bag chair as bean bag fillings. It is known to be a human-made material. It is also often known as expanded polystyrene (EPS). The EPS is very much similar to Styrofoam. EPS is also used for other purposes such as cushioning material and for disposable coffee cups. EPS is the best to use for bean bag furniture because they are lightweight in size.

These EPS Beads have 98 percent of air filled in it, and that is the reason why it is lightweight in size. If you look at its size, you would see that it is around 3 mm to 5 mm in diameter. They could also be used in places where there are too much moisture and heat. These beads are actually moisture resistant as well as heat resistant.

After these beads have been used, they could also be reused and recycled by sending it off to a recycling center. Some even use these beads later on as craft projects or soil to be filled in potted plants.  Therefore, whenever they are old, you could still use the beads.

What is EPP Beads?

The EPP beads could also be tried as bean bag fillings. These beads which are the  Expanded polypropylene (EPP) is a kind of bead that is popular in Asia. These beads are better than the EPS beads. They are solid and durable as bean bag fillers.  Just think that these beads have been bent and crushed; however, you could put them into its original form. They are compressible types of beads. They also retain its volume, and they also do not emit an odor. However, they could soon get caught in the fire and will also destroy quickly when it arrives in touch with oxygen. So have them kept in a safe place.

These types of beads are some that could be used in your bean bag chairs and now we have more of them. Let us look at the other beanbag fillers that could be used. Several different types of bean bag fillers are the micro-beads.


The micro-beads are suitable for bean bag chairs, pillows, and neck pillows as bean bag fillings. However, they do not work with the larger bean bags chairs. These beads come in the form of tiny pellets, which is a material that is known as polyethylene. Their sizes are around 10 mm to 1 mm.

These beads can also be used in cosmetic products, liquid soaps, and lotions. These beads are small in size, and they tend to be very smooth. When you touch it with your hands, you will see that its surface is very smooth.

bean bag fillings

Compressed Foam

The Compressed foam is the newest in the market for bean bag chair buyers. This piece of filling for the bean bag chairs is also called the memory foam. This material is made from polyurethane. Polyurethane has high density and high viscosity. When Considering these factors, it is also named as viscoelastic foam and low-resilience polyurethane (LRPu) foam. This kind of foam can also be used in pillows and mattresses. Memory foam is also easy to transport as they can be compressed to around one-quarter of their size. This fact is essential during shipping for easy transport. This foam is large and irregularly shaped.

Beans, Rice and Natural Fillers

Different types of seeds and grains could also be used to fill the bean bag chairs. Rice and corn could also be used as fillers. They are eco-friendly and would not cost much in price. These fillers are natural and using them would be better than human made fillers. Another favorite natural filler is buckwheat hulls. Hulls are very hard, but if you use it in a bean bag chair that has a thick lining, you will find it to be very comfortable.

Other Fillers you may need to know

Other bean bag fillings that you could try for your bean bag chair is sand and small pebbles. They are most suitable for stretchable fabric. Examples of other fillers are cherry pits, rice, and wheat. Children use bean bags to play games. There is a favorite game famous among kids, which is the bean bag toss. For this game, small bean bags are used, and for the small bean bag, fillers such as dry grains or sand are great.

There are readymade fillers on the market, and you could buy them from the Amazon. The specifications of the product are given, and you only have to choose the best one for you. In Amazon, you would find the American Furniture Alliance Bean Bag Refill Bag of Beans, and it is one that is going to make the sitting on your bean bag chair comfortable. Some of its characteristics include being child-proof and easy to assemble.

The Poly-Fil Biggie Bean Bag Filler is another one that you could buy from the markets. It is full of virgin-expanded polystyrene beads. You could use them in your chairs and also on your pillows.  It weighs around 16 ounces, and one bag is sufficient for two cubic feet. Get one of these bean bag fillers, it is going to be ideal for your bean bag chair, and you will love it. In the market, you will come across comfy types of fillers. Try them with your chair.


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