Gym Habits You’re Doing Wrong


A gym in Manila can be a great place to work out. But you ever had the thought that you might not be doing something the “right” way? The key to being productive in the gym is to understand your environment. Part of this is knowing how to create a winning workout strategy and how to use the equipment.

As with all things, there is a right way and a wrong way to do a fitness routine. Consider these few gym habits you might be doing wrong so that you can avoid injuries and maximize your results.

Not changing your routine

 Some of the best personal trainers from gyms in Manila and other countries state that the change most people need to make to their workout routine is change itself. A lot of people do the same exercises, same workout, same weight, same order, etc. They do this day in, day out and wonder why they can’t see any results.

Your body adapts to what you need it to do. When the body sufficiently achieves this task, it stops responding to progress. To counter this, try and throw in different exercises and change your weights. Go heavier during one session and lighter but with more reps in another. Do anything to shake-up your routine and keep your body guessing.

 Keeping up with the trends

 All too often people jump from one fitness trend to another in search of the “best” workout. There are two things that are not right with this. First, you can never truly improve a technique if you jump from one trend to the next. You become a fitness “jack-of-all-trades” and forever stay a beginner.

Next is that your body has feedback mechanisms that tell you what you really need and you are completely ignoring them. If your body is telling you that you are uncomfortable and not flexible, do yoga instead of HIIT. Do pilates not boxing if you feel weak in your core and are getting backaches. Always put your body first, not the newest, craziest fitness sensation.

 Not pushing yourself

 People need to train hard. The usual gym goer is not training nearly hard enough to get results and their sessions often lack passion and intensity. You make the most progress and have the most fun when you take on your sessions with a burning, yet controlled rage.

Workouts are dynamic, living things that you need to breathe life into. Remove yourself from your comfort zone when you work out. Push yourself harder into a place that you have never been in before. Keep your workouts short and intense; it only takes 60 minutes before your drive and intensity drops.

Key Takeaway

 We are constantly bombarded by conflicting information and dos and don’ts, misleading people, halting their progress, and even causing harm. Because of this, many of us believe in ideas that might not necessarily be correct and are making the same mistakes when it comes to exercise.

Remember to take your time and do your research before doing any kind of workout. Do not immediately assume that the things you see on the television or read about online are correct. Consult your doctor or your local gym trainer and ask for their advice on what might be the best solution for you.


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