How Should I Stress Spend?

Stress Spending

This is a term I like to use that people do to relieve stress. When you start stressing out, you always try to find something that will help relieve stress. There are many ways to relieve stress such as traveling, eating, spa days, watching TV, or my favorite, stress spending. You may think that stress spending is bad but I personally think stress spending is a great way to relieve stress rather than the other ways. Why? It’s because stress spending not only helps you relieve stress but you also get something you’ve been wanting for a long time!

Stress Spending

The Pros to Stress Spending

The pros to stress spending is pretty real. Of course, there are cons to stress spending but let’s talk about why it’s good to stress spend. Some benefits are:

  • Relieve stress for a longer period of time
  • You get to enjoy your well-spent items after the stress fades
  • Use what stresses you out to relieve that stress
  • Most importantly, you’re happy!

Now they all seem the same but let me explain more about the pros of stress spending. Comparing it to other techniques of relieving stress, stress spending gives a longer effect. Let’s say you usually travel to help relieve stress. I get it, you need to get away from everything to help relieve stress, so you go travel for 2 weeks. Then when you come back, you’re still in vacation mode and not stressed for what, a week or two? Then it all resets – that is – you return back to your stressful environment and it will all build up again until you can afford to go travel again. Plus it’s hard to travel man. What I mean by that is that you need to request the day off, you need to schedule your travel arrangements, you need to save enough money to actually travel (you know traveling is already expensive), you need to make reservations to a hotel or wherever you’re staying, it’s just a lot.

Now if you do stress spending the right way which I’ll go over later, then you can experience the marvelous pros of it all. Unlike stress traveling (let’s call it that for now), you don’t need to spend $1000’s of dollars for stress spending. Besides saving money, you can relieve stress by simply purchasing something you’ve been wanting. Typically, the moment you purchased the item, your stress levels go down. You don’t even need to use it. Why? Because you’re excited about it and can’t wait to use it. Already your stress level is going down. When you get home, you open up the product and you actually start using it. This item you bought is getting your mind off of the stressful things in life. Now what I love about stress spending over all the other techniques is that the item you bought in your moment of stress spending can be used for a very very very long time. So even after the stress fades away, you’ll still have the stuff you bought from stress spending!

The Cons to Stress Spending

Now I’m not going to sit here and act like stress spending is the best thing in the world. Here are some cons to stress spending:

  • You can spend a lot
  • You can fall into a scam
  • It’s only a temporary relief

Now it’s obvious that you can spend more than you can afford. Maybe you just go crazy when it comes to shopping and max out those credit cards. That is a definite con (but remember many items you can return it with a good reason). You can also fall into a scam. Maybe you sign up for the next best gym in the world only to find out it sucks and you’re stuck in a 2-year contract with them. You weren’t thinking straight, you were stressed and now you fell into a scam. The most popular con is that it’s only a temporary relief which is something I disagree with.

These cons can happen if you don’t stress spend right. Just like anything in life, you still need to be responsible regardless of what way you’re doing to relieve stress. I like to say too much of anything is always bad. If you relieve stress by traveling, you can spend a lot as well, if you stress eat then well you can eat a lot, if you relieve stress by going to the spa, well those spa’s in America are expensive so you can spend a lot if you go often.

So How Should I Stress Spend?

I’ve been saying that stress spending works better than those other methods but that is if you do it right. All those cons I mentioned earlier can easily be avoided by knowing how to properly relieve your stress by spending a little cash. Let me share with you some rules I followed when I stress spend.       

  1. Carry and use only cash for in-person buys

This is the first rule to stress spending. To begin relieving stress through shopping, you need to only use cash. The reason I brought this up first is so you set yourself a budget and you spend only what you can afford. Say you’re only wanting to spend $100 then go to the bank and get $100 cash and use that only. Using your credit card is such an easy way to get over carried and spending more than you can afford. Of course, this only applies if you’re doing in-person shopping and not online.

  1. Go and see the product in-person regardless if you’re planning to buy it online

Buying these online is cheaper most of the time. They have less cost to pay which is why they can afford such the lower price. I’m not against online shopping but if you want to stress spend right, then go and see the product in-person. Go to a store that carries the product and play with it. Go relieve some stress at the store and make sure this is the item you want. Once you get yourself excited about it and really want it, then go buy it online if it’s cheaper. Plus it’s nice to go out and get your mind off of things.

  1. How should I pick my product?

There isn’t a specific item that will help you relieve stress. From personal experience, I pick an item that’s within my budget and something I’ve been wanting for a long time. The best and most recent example actually is my current office chair. When I started my home business 15 years ago and had no money, I went out and bought a $12 office chair from the swap meet. I used that for 15 years until I actually had to spend more time in front of my computer, sitting on this chair. It sucked by the way but it was tolerable. Just recently I was under so much stress and I decided to go stress spending. My budget was $150 and there were many things I wanted to buy but a new office chair was something I wanted to buy for a while. I decided to get an office chair, a specific model that I had my eye on for a few months already, to help relieve my stress. I followed the previous steps except buying it online because I found it cheaper in store. I built it and the thing I actually like about this purchase is that I’ll be able to enjoy the product for the next how many ever long years.

  1. What if my product is only available online?

Well, the only answer is to buy it online then! But to help with the stress relief process I recommend you watch some videos online and read up reviews on it to get you even more excited. Get your mind off the stressful things in life and get your mind on this new product that you’ve been wanting forever. It’s pretty simple as that.

  1. I don’t have a specific item I want

Well, this is something that I personally love. Nothing makes you feel better than a pocket full of cash and going out window shopping. If you don’t have a specific item then simply get your budget in cash, say $100, and go to the mall and walk around and window shop! Not only are you going to be excited that you got a ton of cool things but you’ll also love the feeling of a being a baller.

  1. I couldn’t find an item even when I went out

I came across this a ton. I normally use sites to find interesting things on Amazon. People say if you can’t find anything then it most likely means you don’t need anything. Well, that’s not what we’re aiming for. We’re aiming to find something to get our minds off the things that stress ourselves out. Usually, for me, I like random things that I can mess around with and learn more about. Browsing through various things, sometimes I find myself saying, “Maybe I do need that.” Believe it or not, many of the things I own today are because of this and I use those items every day actually.

  1. What should be my budget?

The answer does vary but I’m a share something that a wealthy man told me when I got my first job “Save 90% of your paycheck and spend 10%.” This seems odd but, I have used this to structure my life budget. Pretty much I saved 90% for my savings as I always love to have savings (well we all should have one too). I used the 10% for my bills and the rest turned out to be my “free ball” money in which I used it for stress spending or going out money. I had jobs in the past where my 10% wasn’t enough for my paycheck and I needed to stress spend. What I did was that I calculated the 90% and 10%. Then I took away how much I ever needed from the 90% savings and used that into my monthly bills. Then I took an extra $10 from the savings and well I saved it for my stress spending product.


I can go on and on about stress spending but I think you get the point. It’s a great way to relieve some stress. If you the follow the rules then you’ll be fine! Just remember you have to be responsible every moment you’re breathing regardless of how stressed you are. As it is possible to completely ruin your life by doing this, it’s also possible to ruin your life by doing all the other techniques. Stress spending personally lasts a lot longer. I should also mention that you can go back to using your item when you do get stressed out again. Say you bought a PlayStation. Use it and you’re not stressed anymore. Maybe you stopped playing that PlayStation and you let life get to you again where you stress out. Instead of stress spending, go back to that PlayStation that you bought the last time when you were stressed.


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