How to check SEO of your website

Web page analyzer is a tool, build to take a snapshot of a page to look for that how can we do changing in it. The free version of it is created to analyze a page at sometime. This tool breaks the whole contents and structure of web page quality of your content from reliability and research point of view. The green tick and red cross icons are displayed to each section of the report and question marks present there need the human interaction and cannot be scored.


The most advanced SEO analyzer tool give the bloggers or webmasters onpage-by-page basis. This analyzer tool analyze the ranking of website social media, speed of site, keywords, Meta tags and usability of a site. The analysis report together with rankings from such SEO tool must be examined. From this search engine ranking can be increased and web pages can be improved.

There are different website checker tools for your SEO:

Google Webmaster:

This is free of cost Google webmaster tool explains the fundamentals of Google search. It is critical when one is troubleshooting for the poor performance of SEO except Google’s Fetch as Google tool allows to see the particular URL as seems the same as Google sees.The returned information helps you to change the page for getting the better results and you believe that your site is hackers the it can help you to separate the problematic code.

Every week users are provided 500 fetches while hitting the limits you will see a notification on your report. Tool also measures performance of your mobile site and desktop in terms of speed. The page speed is very important for the business that hold their visitors and their mobile search queries surpasses the desktop searches. The sped of page ranges from 0 to 100 and a score of 85 the speed as well but at higher score, it is better. According to Google Developers, speed of page can be improved by improving the score by adding new rules or by improving our analysis.

SEO report card tool:

To determine how your website stacks up against your competitors, SEO Report Card is used to let you to analyze.SEO Report Card will provide a report that shows the following things:

  • Link building
  • Website accessibility
  • Rank analysis
  • On-site Analysis
  • Current indexing
  • Trust metrics

Tool of Varvy’s SEO Overview:

It is also free of cost tool and is an SEO auditing tool, which provides a lot of information related to domain strength, social counts and mentions speed of page, SEO image and links and much more to users.

The comprehensive and the detailed report is prepared in a short time of less than a minute ad is dives insight the different aspects of performance of your website. It will be noticed that for denoting severity of issue the tool employs the green checks and yellow exclamation.

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