How to Fix The 9 Worst Signs of Aging?

You are probably noticing that you are getting older just by looking at yourself. You cannot help but notice the wrinkles on your skin that are worsening or the sagging skin. Well, do not despair. There is something you can do about it. You need not allow yourself look older than you actually are. The following are nine ways in which you can revive your youth.

1. Dull, Thinning Hair

Hair thinning maybe as a result if different effects along your life. These may include stress or some hormonal imbalance. You can identify if you have a thinning problem if you brush your hair in one long stroke and you notice more than six strands of hair in your brush. To prevent this, it is important that you use hair products that prevent this. Remember, hair thinning or falling out is just one way of telling you that something is wrong. Have a checkup if you may be suffering from a disease that is causing your hair to thin. By treating the root cause, you are also treating your hair. This will leave your hair looking beautiful and healthy with a lovely body.

2. Turkey Neck

A turkey neck is caused by the creepy skin. This is a concern for many. To treat this, apply a good moisturizer. Ensure that it contains a peptide that boosts the production of collagen. Collagen helps to firm skin. As you wait for the effects to kick in, try dressing appropriately to cover this and look young. Try tops with pull-necks, or one with ruffles to draw attention away from your neck. You may opt for a medical procedure such as Fraxel laser treatment. This will improve the skin’s texture. Alternatively, it is also advisable to go for thermage or ReFirm. These procedures stimulate the production of collagen around the neck.

3. Less-Than-Perky Breasts

With age and childbirth comes the sagging of breasts. Even at this, you can still maintain a full bust. This may also be caused by loss of tissue and/or fat as you age. It is important that every woman has the right size of bra. Just to be sure, ensure that your girls do not look sluggish in a bra. Also, the back strap should lie vertically to the front avoiding a back lift. When shopping for a bra, seek an experts help. In this, you are able to get expert fit. Once you are sure of your size, getting the right bra should be easy.

4. Spotted Hands

Spotted hands are caused by a low production of collagen. As a result, veins show on your skin. In addition, you will notice the appearance of brown spots and other signs such as wrinkles. To treat this, try using a good sunscreen every day. All use a moisturizer to hydrate your skin. Also, avoid dull looking polish. Bright colored polish draws attention minimizing your hand’s attention. Your specialist may recommend laser treatment which aims at repairing the suns damages. You may use fillers to add volume to your skin or undergo photodynamic therapy. This helps to fade age spots through boosting collagen production.


 5. Sore Feet

This is from shoes that did not fit very well. This leads to formation of bunions or cracked heels. To rid off this, moisturize your heels before going to bed. Also, ensure that you buy shoes that are comfortable and those that fit well. In the event that you have developed painful bunions, you may opt to go for cortisone injections. Surgery is also an alternative.

6. Wimpy Brows and Lashes

After a constant action of tweezing to make your eyebrows shape up, it may cause the development of lack of eyelashes and eyebrows. You can use eye-shadow that matches the color of your hair. You can be got for Latisse. This is an RX remedy used to promote the growth of eyelash.

7. Wrinkled Knees and Elbows

As you age, you cannot stop the signs of aging from appearing. However, you can slow down signs of aging. Use a moisturizer with an ammonium lactate or urea ingredient. This gives your skin a lovely glow. Alternatively, you can try yoga classes. The possess will also strengthen your joints.

8. Fine Lines and Wrinkles

These are signs of aging. Sometimes they appear before the time you would expect them due to loss of collagen. A dry skin has no elasticity and it will also cause the formation of wrinkles. Ensure that you use a good sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every day and consume foods rich in antioxidants. As for best wrinkle treatments, your consultant may recommend a filler, botox and/or lasers.

9. Fading Smile

Over a period of years, your white teeth wear out the top enamel and begin to look yellow in color. You will end up trying to hide this and as a result, you will smile funny. You can try brushing on some whitening gel. Alternatively, you can get a quicker fix at the dentist and get professional teeth whitening. In an hour, your teeth will get about 5 shades of white.

If you had let a number of things go, then you can now revive them and attain and maintain your youth. The above helps you address your youthful needs from top to bottom. It addresses your skin, posture and appearance. With this, you should be able to hold on to your youth longer.


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