How Your Health Benefits from Lightings


There is no question on how lightings are essential in everyone’s daily lives. With its function to cast light and illuminate objects and spaces, it is indeed a functional home fixture every household needs. On the other hand, lightings are not only an instrument to aid you in your daily tasks; it also has several benefits to your health condition.

Lightings have been a part of biomedicine, and have been used in a lot of different unconventional ways to medicate and treat medical issues and psychiatric disorders all around the globe. It also affects positively and negatively the wake and sleep system of the body, which regulates the time we wake up and sleep. To further understand its importance for your health, here are a few ways how.

Light Therapy for People Who Have Sleep Disorder


A mild sleep disorder or a severe type of insomnia is often the common problem of millennials nowadays. And whether it is due to stress and anxiety or just a damaged sleep and wake system, the inability to sleep early is quite a considerable hurdle to manage and complete your everyday work accurately.

If you are experiencing a sleep disorder, it is most likely that your wake-sleep system is not appropriately working according to their functions. To help your wake and sleep system to properly function and change your body’s circadian rhythm, consider a Light Therapy. In this therapy, you need to have a bright light exposure for thirty to forty minutes every day, and a treatment plan to re-synchronizes the body clock of the patient with his/her time zone. And after several days, you will notice a change in the time you sleep and wake up.

Dim Red and Blue Lights for Seasonal Depression Treatment

Due to constant demands of the world today, anxiety and depression have become a typical state for every millennial nowadays. From school, to work, to bills and rent, millennials indeed suffer from mild to severe depression.

Depression, however, is a common disorder that makes the affected person feel empty and heavy, which more often than not fails to accomplish daily tasks and routines. To cope up and help yourself, consider changing your bedroom bulbs to dim red or blue. Or if you have a newly bought modern nightstand lamps, change its bulb too. Based on recent studies, exposure to this colored lights efficiently help in treating seasonal depression and erratic mood swings.

Bright Light Therapy for Sad Mood


It is natural to feel sad sometimes. However, it is not right to feel sad all the time every day. Aside from it affects your overall health condition, it also affects your daily performance just like the other two mentioned above. To treat it, consider the Bright Light or Natural Light Therapy.

Studies show that exposure to early morning sunlight has antidepressant benefits, especially to those who have severe depression. And only a twenty to thirty minutes exposure is enough. Additionally, experts suggested that bright light can also be an alternative antidepressant for pregnant women.

Lightings are not only an instrument to aid you and your eyes to see things. However, with the latest and innovative studies and research, lightings are now proven to also help in treating particular health problems and disorders.


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