Is Technology changing Home Improvement Industry?

There were times when technology changed once a century. Then it shifted to a decade. New technological changes are happening every minute because of internet technology. First came the internet, then the mobile and 2016 is the year of apps. In the process cycle, many of the older traditional methods in the sector also get displaced.

how can technology help in home renovation

At present, it is the home improvement/construction industry that are fast growing because of inclusion to technology.

n fact, new tools have indeed, changed the way the professionals in these two industries work. The old traditional methods are off the shelf. New strategies are in the process to get the best in home improvement projects. Evolution in the home improvement industry was a necessity since the past. But it has got its due only in recent times with many changes in technology. Any type of modification about construction is because of shifting in job careers to far-off countries, cultural preferences etc.

how can technology help in home renovations
Older To Recent Times

A look at the man-made wonders in Egypt (pyramids) and Great Wall OF China. You balk at the hours and human labor spent in building these massive structures. It may have taken decades for completion with largest number of human labor every day.

But, with technology moving at a fast pace, buildings taller/larger than pyramids gets completed within a year. So, the civil engineers make use of the recent calculator tools, 3D software programs, machines, interior and exterior design software etc.

Regarding home improvement, new technical tools have entered the fray. Are you going for a home renovation? Then read this article to know valuable information.

1. Apps and Online Tools for Home Renovation

Won’t you feel happy if you had an array of home design ideas that are recreated to imagine how they will look in the original recreated infrastructure? And you do not have to pay cash for usage. There are free online tools in the internet. You may be a novice. But you can note down the instructions and design any room in 3D format for having a pre-look at the project.

home renovation

You can try various combinations such as changing the paint colour. Rearrangement of Furniture is available. The smartphone finds its place in the walls on special designed boxes. Now, if you want information about online tools for home renovation, then kindly check

  • Ikea Home Planner Tools
  • Planner 5D
  • The Home Renovator
  • Design A Room
  • SmartDraw

Do we need to tell you that these programs are all free? You can download them and test their features.

2. Information

Agreed, it is your home. You are the one who will spend money. But do not get hurdled by your own creative ideas. It is always better to check on the internet about home remodels. There are many inspirational designs in specified websites. And Yes! You can also gather info about floor plan layouts, functional repurpose, unique designs for furniture and more. You do not have to pay hefty fees for subscription nor visit showrooms. For home renovation, you can check at –

  • HomeZada
  • Pinterest
  • Houzz
  • Better Homes and Gardens
  • Instagram
  • Google

There are also free courses available online to share the basics on interior design as well remodeling.

3. Remodeling By Technical Tools

This concept is difficult to follow for existing homes. But in new homes, it is possible. This sector has more or less materials that can be recycled if they become old. Remember solar energy? Now new methods are practised such as photovoltaic cells embedded in windows to get power and reduce the dependency on grids.

4. Play Smart

Even the offices are not far behind. During the renovation process, the office management introduced new software in the rooms. The light will switch on if a visitor enters the room. And automatically shuts off if they leave the room.

5. Digital Power

Gone are the days when you have to depend on referrals for a home construction project or electronic appliance repair. Let us imagine, you are living in Pune and suddenly in the middle of summer, the AC gets out or order. Now, you have to depend on a AC repair technician. But half a decade ago, the concept of home maintenance services emerged and changed the traditional methods of repair. If you need a top level technician for AC service in Pune, all you have to do is to download the app of a company and place a request as per your convenient time.

On the scheduled date and time, the concerned technician will come to your home and restore the appliance back to normal.

6. LED lights

There were other lights which remained in the top list – fluorescent and incandescent fit-bulbs. You can implement the new changes anywhere in the house. Do you know that there can be changes in lighting? Now, the smartphones can easily manipulate the technology. There are motion sensors, automation features and programmable patterns. So there is no need to keep the lights switched on and off. In the future, based on your moods, you can change even the lights in your room.


Everyday, new technological advances are happening all over the globe. And interior designers, home owners and civil engineers are trying to keep their pace. They always make it a point to stay in tune with the recent developments. As time change along with technology, even the home modification and renovation will also undergo drastic changes, sure, for the betterment of mankind. But one factor is certain. Your home will become a safe, smart and awesome for your family members. Cheers!

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