Lakshadweep: A small paradise

Lakshadweep: A small paradise

This is the smallest Union Territory of India. This Union Territory is situated 400 km far from India’s south western coast in Arabian Sea. It’s a group of very beautiful small islands. Many tour packages are available by many tour operators. Here are 36 islands having and total area is 32 sq. kilometers. Laccadive, Minicoy, and Aminidivi are main islands of this group. Kavaratti is the capital city of this Union Territory.

How to reach here

It’s a brief introduction about this coral island, now we are talking about tourist destinations that made it very special in tourist and honeymooners. Those are very popular in tourist and travelers. We can reach here from mainland via two mediums, by air or by boat or ferry and passenger ships.

Agetti is the only airport. This is well connected to Cochin international airport and most of the airports of India and to selected foreign airports. By air, travel time is 1 hour 30 minutes.

And 7 passenger ships, ferries and boats are doing their duty in proper way for tourists. These ships take 14 to 20 hours to reach here. We can choose accommodation according our pocket in different classes, like A/C Deluxe class with two birth cabins, A/C first class with four birth cabins and Tourist Class with seating. All facilities are available for passengers that will make our journey comfortable like cafeteria, snacks bar, entertainment area, video shows, upper-deck promenade and also a doctor etc.

Major Tourists Attractions

Lakshadweep is very famous for its water sports and beaches. Here tour operators organize many activities coral reefs, water sports, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, light house glass bottom boat ride tours, kayaking, sailing, water skiing etc. This island is the only place of India where we can watch coral reefs. These are multi colored and very beautiful. A whole new world you will get here. Here you introduce coral marine life, this is incredible. Water is very clean, you can see everything very clearly. But before diving, you should know that picking up coral is a crime and punishable by Indian law. So we should respect marine life.

Next big thing is here, that is beaches. You will get here beaches everywhere. A child that is sleeping inside us that will be wake up again. Here’s creamy sand is very beautiful for playing. We can make sand castles and many other things that we can imagine. It’s lagoon give it a perfect beauty. So before going on beach we should check our camera battery, that is fully charged or not.

If you want to come here for party like Goa, that is not possible. Alcohol is prohibited expect on Bangaram.

You can go on other nearby islands like Bangaram, Thinnakara, Parali and Kalpitty.

Here you can stay in eco friendly cottages, Resorts and Home stay. These all are common. Almost all accommodation facilities are available here and located to near sea. You can watch ocean from where you will stay. You will get excellent views from your hotel’s room or where ever you stay. These islands are also known for luxurious holiday tour packages and very popular in honeymooners. Those who want to go away from city’s crowdie and lavish life. I hope that if you visit here one time in your life, you will never forget that moments those you spend here.

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