Must-cover Beaches in your Honeymoon Packages to Maldives

When all you can think of escaping the crowd around you and to relax in the intimacy offered by the seclusion of a tropical resort, Maldives is just the place to be in. With the speciality of the tropical places, it will have the blues of the sea, whites of the sand and golden of the sun but these are not the only colours to accompany you. You will also get to enjoy the red of the romance amidst the celebrated silence of the except for the naughty waves of the sea. To make the most of the experience, get the following beaches included in your package or select among the honeymoon packages to Maldives with most of these beaches.

Hulhumale Beach

Very few people who come down to enjoy their honeymoon really give a thought on the fact that one of the best islands they have come down to is actually a reclaimed piece of land. However the beauty of the place is not in this fact but in the beauty the beach has extraordinarily managed to showcase irrespective of its man-made tag. Numerous hotels suitable for couples on vastly different budgets could be found here. Pick that best fits your needs and moods.

Bikini Beach

The only beach of Maldives where you are free to roam sans clothes is the Bikini Beach as the name promptly states. Located in Maafushi, this beach allows you to get a full-body tan which is unique to this part of Maldives. As being an Islamic nation, you need to respect the local need of being modestly clothed which necessitates a place like this to be yourself. This remains true while you move back to your hotel from the beach.

Reethi Beach

The beach has excellent water views and the resort here offers best services that a couple in love generally craves, thing like spa and diving together to get a bit closer to the sea-eco system. After all, there are few things that are best experienced once jumped right in!

Bioluminescent Beaches

Then there is nothing better than magic lifting your romantic spirits in Maldives on your honeymoon. You get to experience this while waiting through the evening for the sea to light up in shimmering blue. This is a natural phenomenon when bioluminescent microscopic creatures of the sea called phytoplankton come together to glow. Go to any of the beaches in Mirhi, DustiThani, Vadhoo and Reethi to see what this feels like watching “the sea of stars”, especially with your beloved.


Love tides? Baros is the place to be in. If you want to immerse yourself in the clearest of the waters, the beach is for the honeymooners. Get rolled up in the white sands and revel in the beauty of this exotic place. If picnic is on your mind then packing few sandwiches and fruits will make for a wonderful experience of togetherness in Maldives. One of the best spot for honeymooning, Baros is a must include in your honeymoon package for Maldives.


Author Bio: – Jyotiis a travel writer, who love to explore different destinations across the globe, In the above article Jyoti is sharing her views about her recent holiday packages to Maldives.

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