Nepal Travel Guide

Known as the place where there is blanketed pinnacles, mind boggling scenes, and noteworthy mountains, Nepal is a nation that has culture, experience, and adrenaline moved into one. Home to ten of the most astounding crests on the planet, it is no big surprise that this place is frequented by experience addicts from everywhere throughout the world. Nonetheless, amid my excursion to Nepal, what amazed me the most was the way that past the forceful Himalayan mountains, the nation itself is fantastically differing and rich. Offering voyagers a wide exhibit of activities, Nepal is a nation that didn’t frustrate.

Nepal Trekking Regions

  • Everest Region

Everest trekking is the most famous trekking courses in Nepal, situated in the north-east of the nation. It isn’t just well known goal among sightseers yet in addition for its picturesque perspectives of the most astounding pinnacle of the world, the Mt. Everest [8,848m] alongside different pinnacles lying around the region. The trekking to the region offers an incredible chance to have extraordinary trekking knowledge.

  • Annapurna Region

Annapurna trekking is a standout amongst the most prominent trekking trails to have all encompassing perspectives of eye-getting Himalayan landscape, the casual strolling through all around characterized Annapurna trails and quality neighborhood lodges, which make Annapurna trekking extraordinary compared to other trekking courses in the nation and has been heaven for trekkers.

  • Langtang region

The Langtang region dissimilar to the Everest and Annapurna, is found nearer to Kathmandu and is more available on account of its closeness to the city. The region is ensured as the Langtang National Park, which was proclaimed a protection zone in 1971.

  • Manaslu Region

Manaslu region is untouched and recently acclaimed trekking region of Nepal. It is situated in the west-focal piece of Nepal. Manalsu is a name of the mountain, which are the eight most astounding mountains on the planet with the tallness of 8,156m.

Nepal Trekking Tips

  1. Bring warm clothing
  2. Be flexible
  3. Avoid injuries
  4. Purify water
  5. Choose a good Trekking Company

Nepal Trekking Styles

Tea House

The world “teahouse” implies lodging. Since the word lodging has, it gives convenience and sustenances. In this way, in the slopes of Nepal a “lodging” has sustenance and place to rest. Numerous landlords indicate the administrations they give by calling their foundations “Inn or Lodge”.


Completely composed camping treks are led in remote regions providing all camping hardware, for example, two man tents, sleeping cushions, tables and seats, feasting and can tents, all kitchen utensils. A Sirdar (boss guide), right hand aides, cook and kitchen young men go with each gathering. The Sirdar utilizes the suitable number of watchmen to convey all hardware and trekking gear.


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