Not All Important Things Are Necessary for Travel: 3 Things to Leave at Home


Preparing your things before you travel domestically or internationally is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes, you might think “I already know what to bring” but then while getting ready, a lot of things to bring come into your mind, and you end up thinking to bring almost everything.

You don’t have to bring everything. You don’t have to bring your things which are very important to you but are not necessary for your travel. It makes a difference to say that one very important thing is not needed, and the situation makes that difference. Travel makes that difference.

This piece talks about three highly important things for you which you can just leave at home before you travel because although they are valuables, they’ll just be additional stressors to you if you bring them. Find out what they are and why.

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You can bring some valid and important identification cards. In some rare and unpredictable instances, you might be asked to present one for entry or verification of identity — maybe for specific establishments or activities that only permit those with a valid ID. Such can happen rarely, so you don’t have to bring all the ID’s you have.

If you’re off to another country, do not bring your ID’s which cannot be used or are not recognized abroad. They’ll just make your wallet extra thick. The most beneficial reason not to bring all of your ID’s is that you won’t need to worry about them getting lost. If they get lost, you’ll be worried throughout the trip; you will be bothered, thinking that as soon as you come back home, you’ll fix all the necessary documents to acquire another piece of that significant ID.



Of course you want to look great and dazzling in all of your travel photos! You want to look stunning and cool, and one of the possible ways you can think of to help yourself make that happen is to wear bling-blings! Different sets of expensive jewelries for every itinerary? That’s too much, don’t you think?  

Wherever you travel to, you can’t be sure if no one in the sea of faces you’ll encounter is of bad intentions. Jewelries, most especially those with gold and gems, catch attentions and also intentions! Not just that case — you can also misplace them in the hotel room or in instances when and places where you change clothes or remove them for a while. Make sure you don’t bring a lot of expensive jewelries if you want to avoid losing a lot of them too.



Well, this last one is a bit hard to give up because y’know, gadgets are so important nowadays, even for travel. You need your laptop if you have to do some important work. You bring more than two cameras (not phone cameras) because they have different amazing functions to take the best photos during your trip. You also think of bringing your tablets. You bring more than one cellular phone just because you want to. What else goes with all those? Their chargers, batteries, cords and monopods. Man, that’s a lot! Are you sure you can handle them all?

Bringing too many gadgets has a lot of cons.

One, it overloads your travel bag and makes it very heavy! You don’t look like going on a vacation with that bag; it seems like you’re moving out of your house.

Two, it makes you stressed because you have many things to keep in mind like “I have to charge these batteries for later,” “I shall bring this and this and that camera,” “I hope my extra phone doesn’t get squashed inside that bag!” Seriously, there’s a lot to think about when you have many important gadgets with you. It feels like you’re not so peaceful and relaxed.

Three, they might get lost! Because you have to many of them, there’s a chance that one of them might get lost or dropped or compressed in your bag.

Four and last, it doesn’t burden only you but also your companions. “Can you please hold these camera bags for me?” “Have you seen one of those batteries?” “Do you have extra space in your bag for my tablet?” Uh-ohhh, that won’t make you and your fellows completely enjoy the trip if your eyes and mind are always on your gadgets.  

Last Point

There are extremely valuable things you own which you might think of bringing because you can’t leave them, because you want to be sure just in case you will need them or because you just want to. But remember, you don’t have to bring every important thing! Not all important things for you are necessary to be brought as you travel. Some can just cause you inconvenience, so choose to leave them instead.



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