Personal Hygiene: Necessity not Choice

    1. Health comprises all physical, mental and emotional fitness all together. If you are fighting with any of them, you may be fit but not healthy. Personal hygiene is a major factor involved in health measures. Proper care, proper grooming, proper presentation and other hygiene habits give birth to good physical, emotional and mental health which in turn leads to impact personality.

    “Practicing good body hygiene helps you feel good about yourself, which is important for your mental health,”
    – Donald Novey

    So in childhood when your mom promoted good health through personal hygiene, she was absolutely right. Here are some of the good health and hygiene habits everyone should focus on.

    1.Dental care: Bad breath is one of the most annoying and most embarrassing thoughts in life. Anyone with bad breath faces discrimination unconditionally. Take care of your smile and breathe as it gives you confidence. Ideally one should brush the teeth after every meal to avoid bacterial, fungal and viral accumulation in the mouth. Brush and floss give you the confidence to go closest.

    2.Regular bathe: One should take bathe often; with this, I never meant every day. Regular bathe keeps the freshness and maintains the enthusiasm. Washing your hair and body regularly is a good habit that makes you presentable and attractive. Clean body is a hive of clean thoughts.

    3.Wash your hands: Do it, especially before preparing or eating food and after going to the toilet. Clean your hand every time after handling garbage, after coughing and sneezing to avoid infections and maintain cleanliness.

    4.Wear clean clothes: if your clothes are hygiene proof, you could never maintain a good health. Wear properly washed and properly dried clothes to say no to body itching and other severe infections. Proper cleaning is appreciable health habit.

    5.Be open to sunlight: Your body needs vitamin D essentially and the major source is sunlight open you properly to sunlight. It is an antiseptic naturally that eradicates many health issues.

    6.Proper diet: Proper diet is a must do a thing, with no proper diet you are always disturbed and I can seriously bet over it. Proper diet doesn’t mean to have a diet chart from dietician but to have every mineral and vitamin your body needs. With good stomach, you can conquer the world.

    7.Proper sleep: Take proper 8-10 hour sleep because sleep person can never be successful. A good sleep gives you refreshment as well as positive energy in mind and actions. If you don’t take proper sleep you’ll be idea less initially, frustrated eventually and unsuccessful finally.

    8.Trim your nails: Keeping your finger and toenails trimmed and in good shape will prevent problems such as hang nails and infected nail beds. Feet that are clean and dry are less likely to contract.

    Change actually starts from oneself, so before changing the world to better change your habits to good. With good health and hygiene, you get the confidence and enthusiasm initially, charm and success finally.
    Stay tuned, stay healthy!!

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