Should You Expect Longer Lasting Results With Facelift in Atlanta?

As you age and reach 40, aging lines all become more prominent and they worsen up as we age beyond this particular number. At this age, most women wish to regain their young or you can say youthful appearance and that’s exactly when they turn to option various options like a facelift in Atlanta, in an attempt to turn back the hands of time.


If you don’t like the appearance of your sagging skin or hate the sight of that awful “turkey neck,” a facelift surgery will enhance your facial features and work in the best ways to boost your self-esteem. Note that the facelift surgery stands out as a popular surgical choice because the results last for over ten years, and sometimes longer compared to non-surgical alternatives like Botox fillers and injections to hide the wrinkles.

You should know that every face has different features. Likewise, every surgeon is unique, with the results varying. With the right, talented cosmetic surgeon and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a facelift will let you enjoy many years of appearing younger. However, how long do the results of a facelift actually last?

How Long Does the Result of a Facelift Last?

The results and longevity of a facelift all depend on several factors, including the patient’s age and skin. The darker the skin at the procedure time, the better it should respond compared to a fairer, sun damaged, or thinner skin. Typically, patients younger than 60 years of age have better and longer results.

In addition, the skills of the surgeon also count, as well as the type of facelift that you receive. This affects exactly how long the results should last. Note that the more invasive the procedure, the longer the recovery time and in most cases, the results should last longer. Facelift experts, such as those at Crispin Plastic Surgery also implement various techniques to ensure that the results of the procedure last longer.

Often, after a facelift, candidates say that their results keep them well covered for as much as ten to fifteen years. Depending on the procedure, some patients also say that they notice permanent results in areas of their face. However, since this surgery affects the face, you should not expect the results to have any effects on other areas of your body. To target other areas of your body, you need to have other surgical procedures.

What Factors Affect the Results of a Facelift?

Not everyone achieves the precise results as they were expecting from their Atlanta facelift. You should know that due to various factors, the duration of the results varies, including the use of alcohol, smoking, diet, sun exposure, and heredity.

Although heredity isn’t something you have control over, other factors are within your control. Thus, if you take proper care of your health, you are sure to experience better results for a longer period. The key to longer results is to ensure you maintain a healthy diet, drink enough water and rest. Avoid spending much time in the sun and if possible, you have to wear sunscreen on a daily basis. Stay away from smoking and try to maintain a steady body weight.

Frequently Asked Facelift Questions

As a patient, even you must be having various questions in mind that you wish to address. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and through experts, here are common questions candidates for a facelift ask.

1.     Is a Facelift Procedure Permanent?

As mentioned above, the results of a facelift have long-term results, which result anywhere from about seven to about fifteen years. The results are often permanent in the sense that reversing them is not possible. While the surgery will make marked improvements in the visible aging signs, nothing can actually stop your aging process completely. You will appear much younger compared to how you would without the surgical procedure.

2.     Will You Experience Scarring?

In most cases, the standard incisions for facelifts are past the hairline, and above the ear. Even though the incisions end up leaving a scar or mark, if you conceal it in your hair, it will remain hidden. In a few cases, surgeons will also make incisions around the earlobe and lower ear. After healing, the scars generally become hard to find.

3.     Should You Expect Any Risks?

Like every surgical procedure, even a facelift comes with complications and risks. However, if you choose well-trained, experienced, and skilled cosmetic surgeons, then you can stay away from the risks. Some of the possible side effects of the surgery also include loss of sensation in some in some areas of the face or even cause an adverse reaction to the anesthesia they use.

4.     What’s the Recovery Like?

Although this surgery can be a delicate and complicated one, many patients say they only experience minor discomfort in the healing process. Many are able to return to their work in just about two weeks, even though it takes them a long time because of the swelling and bruising.

During the facelift recovery, surgeons often recommend that you avoid any form of strenuous activities for about two weeks. You should limit yourself from direct sunlight exposure, which should allow your incisions to heal and reduce the risks of scar appearance.


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