Smart choice of gentle traveler

To travel is to live. And when it is Lucknow- the city of nawabs, enthusiasm shakes the body.  Lucknow is a place full of a heritage of history and language, but equally pocket-friendly for a traveler’s mind. To travel here is easy for anyone as it is a blend of ancient and contemporary cultures. Lucknow is traveling by Gomti River, segregating the city into Cis Gomti and Trans Gomti. Lucknow is positioned towards the center of the great Gangetic plain in the seismic zone III, the city of Nawabs is situated along Raebareli District in the South, Unnao District in the West, Barabanki District in the East and Sitapur and Hardoi districts on its North. Here is the travel guide for some of the awesome places in the city:

1.Bara Imambara: Travelers visiting the city for the first time should start exploring the city from here. Asafi Imambara was originally constructed in the ruling phase of Asaf-ud-Daula in 1784. It’s a shrine for Muslims to pray. This sumptuous monument recalls the wonderful past of the city.

2.Chota Imambara: Husainabad Imambara was built in the period of 1837-1842. It is known for its unique architecture and symmetry in style. Availability of shopping and food is plentiful in the area. The most famous “Lucknow Chicken” is available here.

3.Picture Gallery: For art lovers, this is the place to hold the breath and enjoy till the end. It has awesome collection art pieces from last to last century till date. Even your views are welcome here for the betterment of ambiance and environment.

4.Aminabad: It’s the local market in the area and is updated regularly according to fashion. Must know about it is pocket-friendly to a customer. You can enjoy here if you know how to bargain.

5.A river Front:  Newly constructed place with beautiful ambiance, greenery, and peace, resembles a lot like foreign locations in beautification with lights and slow feel music.

6.Janeshwar Mishra Park:  Among city people, this place is mainly known for the height of INDIAN National Flag here that’s visible till Parliament in the city.

7.Fun Republic Mall: If you wish to have world class food, dance, music, and fun; this is all in one solution for you. All under one roof.

8.Wave Mall: In the row, this is the option for the traveler to enjoy western culture. This was the first mall built in the city and still, carries the essence of superiority with austerity in style.

9.Hazratganj: This place is actually the heart of the city; it is carrying all the ages on the same platform from decades. To travel this place is something like to travel the world at once. It has both the aroma of glorious past and imaginative presence together. If you haven’t been to this place, you are seriously missing many things.

10.Their many places like Kala gaon, Shilp Gram, Royal café, Barbeque Nation, Natya Akadami, Begum Hazrat Mahal, Kudia Ghat etc to be explored by a visitor.

11.Many temples and meditation centers are also available for reviving enthusiasm and peace in the soul.

Wish you luck for the visit!! Keep smiling!!

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