Tips To Improve Your Content Creation

Any online marketer that takes their job serious is highly interested in making their content better to attract more organic traffic. Truth is, there is no magic pill, or is there?

If you want to drive traffic to our site or blog, these simple tips will help.


You know how an idea hits you and then you put it off for later? Well, it ever comes back to you again, yet it would have connected well with potential consumers. You will need a strategy for content creation, and it could be as simple as a few article ideas. Noting down article ideas makes it easy to create content that when you have to think it up at the last minute.

Killer Headings

Titles are essential when pulling people to your online space. Haven’t we all been drawn to a click-baity title on YouTube and ended up watching the whole clip? Make your headings bold but ensure that the content that follows is just as bold and value adding. A great title will have an emotional appeal, be brief (60 characters is long enough), clear, so your audience understands it from the get-go, and relevant to the topic.

Be Unique

You don’t have to go to Bali because everyone is headed there. If every You Tuber does videos of the same destination, chances are viewers will skip anything related to that place because they have seen it all. Make your content so valuable to set it apart from your competition, and so that your followers can think of your site as a market maker.

Keep It Simple

Who is your target audience when creating your content? If they are scholars and strictly of a particular profession, then you can get away with using jargon that only they will understand. In the other hand, the ordinary reader will need a readable piece, or they will move on swiftly.

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