Top 5 business Apps for entrepreneurs to excel with smart work

Applications are the best assistants one could have as they are there to help us out with anything and everything and that is easily accessible to everyone. Exceptional work is offered by a handful of the crowd and all you need to know is that which applies to opt for.

Cutting down the redundant work makes it easy to reach out to exceptional success because work of any sought maybe the required one or the other one intentionally asks for your time and efforts. You just need to induct your efforts on the right and deserving tasks which have the potential of taking you far.

Here is a list of five best applications which could make the life of working people better-:

  1. ClickFunnels

The application which has solved the ultimate problem of links and search of potential clients, this is one among those problems of the marketing industry which definitely needed a solution as it is a very time taking process and also offers no surety of any fruit to the hard work.

The smart work you do here is that you do here is that you do not imply a physical approach hence a lot of your efforts are saved.

It is the best application which lets you increase your sales with lesser efforts. Here are some more features of the application which would let you decide better-:

  • The application facilitates you with 22 types of sales funnels, which could be the reason for your increased sales in near future.
  • The application provides you with a variety of templates for your account and its presence in the market.
  • Allows you to add and delete different pages as per your requirement.
  • Gives assistance to you with its customized page editor
  • Helps you plan marketing sequences
  1. ClearVoice

The application solves the problems of those busy entrepreneurs who do not have time to invest on tasks like website management. The trust cannot just be given to anyone and everyone and this application lessen the pain that you would take to employ a freelancer. It lists the best you are in need of and the best they have for you absolutely fitting your wallet size.

The app features you would want to know-:

  • Personalized assistance
  • Provides for various options for content marketing
  1. Infusionsoft

The application lets you manage the pain to handle the minute details of the sales process, a sale is not a joke and hence details do matter but the app takes this pain of yours to make you stand at ease.

The application has following features -:

  1. Collects data about leads, potential clients and details to patch up at work
  2. Keeps a constant check on online behavior and things that could affect the current working project
  3. Online toolbox to handle all possibilities to excel at work.



The god of applications as it solves the biggest problem of the working class with regard to the use of applications. This application lets you use all other important applications altogether going from one to the other. This is one big advantage that this application provides you with.

The app makes applets which let you access every app the applet has all together at the same time. The application has following features which will tell you why you need it-:

  • Offers wide range of applets
  • Customizes according to the operating system


The application updates you with the latest market trends which are very much essential for you to deserve the best at your business engaging the best potential options to function. It organizes the data for you to keep track at the origin and changes of the said trends.

These features are a must to look at -:

  • The application offers a PPC competitor research option for complete knowledge of the working stats of your competitors.
  • The services offered by the website also include tools such as AdWords competitor spy tool, keyword grouping tool, PPC and rank tracker.

The app sustains well at keeping you informed about the progress of your competitors so that you get to know where you need a move further at work. The application is being used by millions of entrepreneurs all-round the globe. It is a popular application and tackles the painful part of the business.

These applications allow you to induce smart working pattern at your business and not waste efforts on not worthy tasks. The content of this application is highly good and lets you manage your work even more efficiently than you alone could do. The list includes the best of smart working applications which make things better for entrepreneurs like you.

Author bio: the article has been written by Alina Olive and doing freelance job at Do My Homework. She is an entrepreneur, international research scholar, Master of international laws, master of business management.

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