Top 7 iOS App Design Trends In 2018

No matter which industry you talk about, there are certain trends that are followed at any given time. These trends, basically, are a reflection of people’s routine behaviors and needs. The trends keep changing and, therefore, it is important to keep following the latest ones to stay on top of the industry. The same stands true for iOS app design as well. New technologies keep coming in and the trends keep changing to provide the best user experience possible. So, if you’re into app development and design and want to know the latest trends in app design, here we’ve discussed a few. Let’s check out.

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  1. Minimalism With Simplistic Color Schemes

The speed at which your app operates isn’t just related to its technical side. In fact, when there are just too many elements in design, it becomes resource-consuming and causes quite a lot of unwanted confusion for users. With minimalistic design, the entire experience can become quite straight forward. The products that don’t apply any distracting tinsels anymore are definitely going to make progress.

Also, when it comes to colors less is always more. One thing that can be easily noticed in most of the flourishing applications these days is that they opt for a single color and some shades of that very color to achieve a perfect look.

  1. Use Of In-App Gestures

Things have changed a lot ever since the first introduction of sensory smartphones and just simple tapping isn’t considered anything surprising these days. Besides tapping the screen, it is possible to pinch, drag, tap and press at same time, double tap, and spread. Gestures really play a major role in simplifying mobile phone usage these days and your app design should have as many of them as possible to give a top notch experience. They are faster, easier and fun to use.

  1. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Though Microsoft didn’t have much success with the development of mobile operating system, it came up with some innovative ideas that have been implemented by other manufacturers. Continuum is one great example for that, and as we wait for the Surface phone to arrive, there are rumors that Samsung is going to implement its own new ‘continuum’ version into the upcoming devices. Nevertheless, what it does is that it actually makes your device to be used both as a smartphone and a computer. And, with such technologies popping up, it is important for apps to be compatible to different platforms in terms of design.

  1. New Mobile Navigation Instruments

With new device designs popping up, it is important for app designers to introduce new mobile navigation instruments. They must ensure that users are able to access all the necessary screen areas easily with their thumb. And, one way to do that is already implemented with elements being piled at screen’s bottom. It may need some improvements, though, but it’s going to be the trend new apps can follow.

  1. Use Of Calm Colors

Ever heard about the color theory? Colors have great effects on everything and the use of calm colors feels more comfortable and attractive when it comes to app design. So, it is important that when developing an app, more importance is given to the selection of right colors and gradients. Choosing colors carefully will make your app stand out and perform even better. The importance of right colors can’t be stressed more than the fact that a major online resource www.applepit.com features and reviews apps that specifically use calm colors.

  1. Personalization

Everyone likes personalization as it gives you solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. App users always want to have same attitude they get when the read news or do shopping. What happens in the current scenario is that app developers often record the steps of the users and customize the app experience accordingly. This makes sure that the customers do not need to search for same information again and again as they receive push notifications individually.

  1. Focus On Content

The Instant Articles from Facebook and the AMP project from Google give us the impression that the focus is being shifted to UX now from UI when it comes to displaying content. We often leave articles on websites just because they took a long time for loading. The problem was noticed by Facebook as well as Google and they both too apparently different approaches for achieving the same end result.

So, we’re slowly moving towards a time when content and instant value will be at the core of just about everything we’ll be doing.

These are the top 7 iOS app design trends that are going to dominate in 2018 and will surely bring out the best results if followed to precision. Developers and designers need to take a more targeted approach and only focus on whatever is in trend to generate best yields while ensuring that they offer the best user experience with their apps. The entire landscape is going to change in this industry over the coming years so sticking to the latest trends is going to be the key.

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