Top 5 Historical travel Destinations in India to Visit

Friends if you are planning to visit India then you must see the names of these places which worth seeing by tourists and know the reasons below how they are great.

You can check top 5 historical travel destinations in India below.

1 – TAJ MAHAL– This building is the symbol of love

TAJ MAHAL is situated on the banks of river Yamuna in Agra. This is a magnificent monument and people visit the millions of people from far away countries to see this monument. This monument is considered to be a wonderful sign of love. This monument is considered as the world’s 7 wonders. It was built by MUGHAL emperor Shah JAHAN in memory of his third wife MUMTAZ. This monument is considered to be the jewel of Muslim art. This monument is made of white stone and it comes from the whole world to see it. This is also the tomb of the king and his begum, and there is no greater distance between these two tombs. There are many Agra tour guide available on the net who can assist for more information about Taj.

Historical tourist places in India

2 – FATEHPUR SIKHRI– A gorgeous and red stone building

A charming building situated just a few km away from Agra city. There were two villages here, one was named FATEHPUR and the other was named SIKHRI This magnificent building was constructed by Akbar with a Sufi saint. People come from far away to see this building, these are red stone buildings. It has been believed that coming here comes the vows of every man who comes here. This building is considered as a good example of famous architecture in INDIA. This building has been prepared in a planned manner, in which the palaces of the king, kitchen, and many other things are taken care of. Most of the people come here during same day Taj mahal tour by car and enjoy the beauty of this historical monument.

3 – JAALINWALA BAGH– This became the witness of the war of words to the British It is a beautiful city in the Punjab province of India and there is a temple named Golden Temple. There is also a tiger in this Punjab province, whose name is JAALINWALA PARK. This thing is of the time when this meeting was going on for India’s independence, at that time a group of BRITISH attacked Indians. Almost 8000 people attacked the people and nearly 5000 Something were killed. This massacre is called a horrendous massacre in Amritsar.

4 – GATEWAY OF INDIA – This is a magnificent building in the Indian capital
The Gateway of India is a strong and durable building in India’s historic building.In the hope of Gateway, there is a grand statue of Swami Vivekananda, which is known in India as the name of Yugpurush in its own right. There is also a magnificent monument of Swami Vivekananda near the Gateway. It is India’s biggest identity to see foreign tourists to see it. Gateway of India I see the identity of Muslim artwork. Statue of Swami Vivekananda is composed by Indian sculptor Sitar am S. Art.

5. QUTUB MINAR, DELHI – Giant wall of red sandstone QUTUB MINAR is a building in India’s historic buildings. This is a wonderful identity of the Muslim empire in northern India. QUTUB UDIN is one of the historic buildings in India, it is said that the ruler of North India was named after QUTUB UDIN AIBAK. It was the first ruler of northern INDIA. You can hire taxi in Delhi for full day sight seen and many drivers will bring you to this place during your Delhi tour by car. Thanks.


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