10 Best travel packing tips every traveler should know about

While most people enjoy traveling, they find packing for it one of the most cumbersome things ever. Like them, have you ever wondered if there were any travel packing tips that could make packing that much easier? The good news is that yes, there are definitely some tips you can follow and make packing an easier process. Just follow a few basic steps and learn to pack like a pro.

how to pack

Ultimate travel packing hacks:

Follow these simple travel packing tips and tricks to make packing a hassle free process for you. Pack like a pro, board those last minute flights, and go have the best vacation ever!


  1. Make a checklist of things to pack

This is highly important if you’re wondering how to pack a suitcase for a week trip or more without forgetting anything. Make a checklist of items to pack at least a week or two in advance. This way, you can add or remove items as per requirement and ensure you haven’t forgotten to pack something important. A good way to be double sure is to tick off items as you pack them and then recheck the list one final time.


  1. Roll clothes instead of folding them

Several travelers, especially backpackers who need to pack a lot of clothes, are in unison that rolling clothes is a far better option than folding them. When done tightly and neatly, rolled clothes for sure take up lesser space than clothes that are packed folded. Watch a few demo videos online and learn the right way of rolling clothes. Rightly done, these won’t even require ironing as there won’t be so many creases.


  1. Pack liquid items separately

By doing this, you’ll avoid liquid over your other things in case there’s an accidental leakage. Pack them in separate bags and make sure they’re packed in a way which ensures there are no chances of anything spilling out. Use plastic bags so that even if there’s any leakage, it won’t seep out of the bag. This is one of the best travel packing tips for international travel and one that all travelers must use.


  1. Check baggage policy of your airline

This can be a tricky one. It’s true that most airlines will permit to check at least one bag for international travel – business class or otherwise. However, most US airlines are known to charge quite a bit to check bags for domestic air travel. So it’s always best to double check and be sure how many you’re allowed to carry and what you’ll be charged for checking them. This is the best way to budget pack.


  1. Don’t pack essential items in baggage you want to check

Essential items include your passport, credit and debit cards, electronics, identification docs, and other such valuables that cannot be replaced. Never pack these in suitcases that you’re going to check and instead pack them in your carry on. This is among the most important travel packing tips for any trip as this way, you can ensure you don’t lose anything valuable. In the worst case scenario where the airline unfortunately misplaces your checked backpack or suitcase, you’ll be glad you still have the important stuff with you.


  1. Pack multi-purpose, reusable clothes

For instance, instead of packing that heavy towel, carry a sarong. It’s as good as a towel and serves other purposes as well. It can be your beach mat when you hit the beach. A good pair of shorts work the same way. You can wear them when taking a stroll through the city or even when taking a hike. Just make sure they’re as comfortable as they are durable. This is one of the must-do tips to pack light.


  1. Leave a little room for souvenirs

When packing for travel, make sure to always leave a bit of extra space in your luggage. This will come in handy when you shop for souvenirs or gifts for loved ones at your vacation destination. Else, you’ll either have to stuff them in or bring an extra bag. If you don’t wish to increase the burden of having to carry extra luggage, pack a little less in the first place.


  1. Bring along duct tape, plastic bags and Ziploc bags

These may not seem like essential travel items to pack but you’ll be surprised at how useful they can turn out to be. You can use plastic bags to store your dirty clothes and then duct tape them together. Ziploc bags are best used to pack cosmetics and other items you don’t want damaged at any cost. You can even pack liquids in these and not worry about any seepage. Isn’t this one of the most useful travel packing tips you’ve ever come across?


  1. Invest in a ‘smart’ backpack

No these have nothing to do with smartphones. A smart backpack is one that’s highly convenient to use and easy to lug around. Even if it costs you a bit more, it’s a good idea to invest in a sturdy backpack as it will last longer. Another awesome tip is to get a backpack that isn’t a top loader and one that opens as a suitcase. Packing this more convenient and it’s much easier to reach your stuff as well.


  1. Don’t forget to pack necessary medication

While we needn’t remind you to get a clean bill of health from your doctor before you travel, we would definitely remind you that you need to pack any medication you feel you may need. Include a first aid kit and be prepared for any medical emergency even if you don’t expect it. Get appropriate vaccinations depending on which place you’re heading to on cheap flights. Absolutely never take any risks with your health. Pack smart, travel light, and be safe always. 

Author Bio: Laxman is an avid traveler who loves spending time amidst Mother Earth. He also likes travel stories and has made many friends touring different places.

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